Curriculum:Master of Jurisprudence in Compliance and Risk Management


The Drake 100% online Master of Jurisprudence in Compliance and Risk Management can be completed in a year and a half, attending part-time. The asynchronous courses are six weeks and the program consists of 24 credit hours to be taken in the following areas:

  • Core courses: 18 credit hours
  • Elective courses: 6 credit hours

Core Courses

LAW 100: Intro to Law – Compliance and Risk Management (Online Introduction Course) – 0 Credit Hours

This course is an online orientation to studying law, research, and what it means to be a law student.

INS 280: Operational Risk Management – 3 Credit Hours

An examination of how organizations identify, analyze, and manage the possibility of loss caused by failed or inadequate processes or systems, or caused by events external to the organization.

LAW 802: The Law of Compliance and Risk Management – 3 Credit Hours

This course introduces students to the techniques used in the financial management of the firm to achieve the goal of enhancing firm value through firm value maximization. As students develop the ability to utilize the tools of financial management they will engage in an additional discussion of the relationship between firm value maximization and the long-run sustainability of both the firm and the community in which it operates.

BUS 283: Negotiation & Conflict Resolution – 3 Credit Hours

This course provides an introduction to negotiation concepts and practices, and a historical perspective on conflict resolution in families, workplaces, communities, and nations. Includes theories and concepts of human behavior in conflict situations, how and why conflict occurs, and how to deal with conflict effectively. This course will engage students in negotiation and conflict resolution exercises, and provide interaction with practitioners. It will enable students to develop negotiation skills and an appreciation for conflict as an effective teaching/learning opportunity. It will develop an awareness in the student that times of conflict are often occasions for instigating change in relationships that may be effective and long lasting.

LAW 800: The Regulatory Process – 3 Credit Hours

This course will provide students with an understanding of the legislative and regulatory process. Students will study the legislative law-making process, administrative agency structure, and regulatory authority; agency rule-making, guidance, and regulation processes; regulatory and statutory interpretation; monitoring of agency and legislative action; administrative advocacy; and administrative supervision, examination, and enforcement. Students will also be exposed to statutes and regulations specific to various industries, such as financial services, health, insurance, and employment.

BLAW 250: The Law of Business Organizations – 3 Credit Hours

A study of agency law, securities law, and the legal issues involved in the formation and operation of sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies. Additional discussion of legal liabilities pertinent to accountants.

LAW 801: Foundations of Law – 3 Credit Hours

This course introduces common law doctrines relevant to corporate liability, including basic concepts from contracts, sales, torts, and criminal law.


In pursuing your Master of Jurisprudence in Compliance and Risk Management, you have the opportunity to take two electives from a variety of topics. From the law school, you may choose to take Topics in Insurance Law or expand your understanding of global compliance concerns with International Comparative Administrative Procedure. From the Zimpleman College of Business, you may choose to take one course, which could include topics such as the role of data in today’s global business environment, public policy and decision making, corporate governance and ethics, business and government, and internal auditing. Through your electives, you can customize the program to your career interests and goals.

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