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General FAQ

At Drake University, our goal is to ensure that our students have everything they need to succeed and make the most of their experience. If you are considering a Drake online program and have questions that are not answered by the resources provided below, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 844-254-4221. If you are a current Drake online student, please contact the Drake Online and Continuing Education department at 515-271-2674.

Where is the campus located?

Drake University is located at 2507 University Ave., Des Moines, IA 50311. You can learn more about us here.

What is the university ranking?

You can learn more about our awards and recognitions here.

Is the diploma different for online students?

It is not. The diploma is the same for all graduates, whether their program was completed online or at our campus location.

What is the University’s Accreditation?

You can learn about Drake University’s accreditations here.

Does Drake University offer job placement or networking opportunities for students?

Professional & Career Development Services offers comprehensive services to undergraduate and graduate students of Drake University. Professional staff assists students in defining professional goals, obtaining career-related experiences, and creating and implementing job search strategies or plans for graduate and professional school.

Admissions FAQ

Do you provide credits for work experience?

Although work experience is not accepted as course credit, students may apply transfer credits from prior coursework toward their program of interest. Be sure to talk with an admissions advisor about whether you can transfer credits toward your program and, if so, how to move forward.

Do you accept transfer credits?

For graduate programs, we accept transfer credits for coursework with appropriate accreditation that students completed within the last five years. This option helps reduce your total tuition and the time you spend earning the degree. Transfer credit acceptance for undergraduate programs varies by course. To learn more, review the details of the program you want to enroll in.

Who can I speak with about specific admissions questions?

Our enrollment team is available to answer any questions you may have specific to admissions. Call 844-254-4221 to speak with someone today.

How do I apply?

You can easily start your online application now.

Do I need all aspects of my application completed before applying?

While you do not need all documents ready when you start your application, your application file must be complete when you submit your application to the program. Incomplete files will not be considered.

How long does the application process usually take?

Obtaining transcripts, securing letters of recommendation, writing personal statements and the like have variable lengths of time associated with them, so you should start them as soon as possible. Once your application file is complete, it typically takes 3–5 days to review and answer whether you’ve been accepted to the program. Call 844-254-4221 for more information.

Online Learning FAQ

I have never taken an online class before. How does it work?

Online classes are much like classes held on campus. Your instructor will provide a syllabus and guide you through the material. You will have material, such as textbooks, articles, and videos, to read and view. You may have to participate in discussions and have assignments to complete. You may also have quizzes and exams. Online classes require the same dedication, participation, and commitment to learning as on-campus classes, with the same deadlines and learning objectives.

What are the differences between an online class and an on-campus class?

There are no major differences aside from the delivery method. The content and expected outcomes in an online class will directly match a class taught in a classroom of the same subject. You will be expected to engage in the same number of contact hours and complete assessments to ensure learning. You may find that discussions will be typed rather than verbal, lectures may be recorded instead of live, and exams may be online instead of on paper.

How do I contact my instructor?

Your instructor will be present in your Blackboard classroom environment, engaging in discussions and grading your assignment submissions. You will find contact information in the course syllabus. You may also find a virtual office or shared discussion where you can post questions. And always watch for emails from your instructor in your Drake University email account.

Who do I contact if I have questions or problems?

Our enrollment team is happy to answer your questions about Drake Online programs. Please contact us via email or call 844-254-4221.

Tuition and Fees FAQ

Can I use financial aid for textbooks and cost-of-living expenses?

Yes, financial aid may be used for textbooks and cost-of-living expenses. All information regarding financial assistance can be found here.

What is your FASFA® code?

Drake’s FAFSA® code is 001860. You can start the FAFSA® form here.

Who can I speak to about financial aid options?

Drake’s Financial Aid office is available to online students and is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. C.T. Please contact us via email or call 844-254-4221.

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